Thursday, February 7, 2008

Convergence of the West with... Brezhnev era USSR?

Edward Lucas asks the epic question of "Why kowtow to brutal, cynical Russia?" and sounds the alarm: "We have a new Cold War and we're losing it. The West must stand up to the Kremlin now".

While this diatribe is too silly to seriously comment, it did remind me of a 1970s Soviet Jewish joke:

An old Jew immigrated to Israel from the USSR, but keeps reading Soviet
newspapers. His friends ask him: "Moishe, why do you keep reading Soviet
newspapers if you live in Israel now?" Moishe replies: "Well, you see, when I
tried reading Israeli newspapers, I found out that Israel is suffering from
infaltion, uneployment, and is very vulnerable to attacks from its neighbors.
But Soviet papers tell me that Israel is a powerful state that is about to take
over the Middle East, if not the world. And it makes me feel so much better!"

Many Russians also have the unpleasant tendency to giggle whenever they see excerpts from the State of the Union speeches by American presidents on the news. They claim that these remind them of Brezhnev's speeches at Communist Party congresses. But then they point out that even Brezhnev did not receive so much applause. Hmm, in light of Lucas's propaganda effort, maybe they're onto something?


Anonymous said...

Q: Hmm, in light of Lucas's propaganda effort, maybe they're onto something?

A: In principle yes, but ... .

Let's ask "Radio Jerewan" ;-)

White Crow said...


I have come to ignore Lucas for the very simple reason that he openly associates with some very racist and disgusting people I refuse to name here lest I give them more exposure.

Fedia Kriukov said...

Why ignore him? He's funny.

stalker said...

Agreed. He's even better than Juche Girl.

White Crow said...

Uh... is that a relative of a certain racist blogger known to many? That's a joke, right?????

Fedia Kriukov said...

Come on, that's a parody blog. And Lucas is serious. Although, if serious Lucas is comparable to a parody, I'd think long and hard if I were him.