Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bashing the Economist is like shooting fish in a barrel

Kirill Pankratov's overview of The Economist's Russia coverage:

I only bashed that publication once in this blog where, besides specific comments, I also made some sweeping generalizations about its quality. Kirill's brilliant expose demonstrates that my generalizations were on target.


Heribert Schindler said...

A great read ! I particularly like the statement "this is either utterly paranoid or monumentally dumb".

This is a phrase I will, from now on, borrow from time to time :-)

Fedia, thank you for the link.

KjoyM said...

A very good analysis. It's always good to remember that no media outlet is every 100% correct. Now I know that sounds odd, but that's just sort of how it goes. People tend to forget that one shouldn't just take the media's opinion and analysis as one's own, but should always evaluate it with a critical eye, no matter in which publication the article is printed. A note, I have a blog on the Russian media, it's not as good as many, but I do what I can. Check it out:

Anonymous said...

The media opinion is an editorial opinion controlled by corporate monopolies in the the USA. A journalist is in most cases an uneducated pawn who writes on a fee basis (a stringer). That is how the US media is censured in the US.

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Medvedev said...

A fantastic read.
The media is just opinion made by sometimes unimformed journalists remember that.
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